Friday, March 22, 2019


God chooses not to interfere with mortal or spirit's lives unless He is directly asked to do so by that particular individual. Then and only then will His Laws operate in favor of the one who is praying for help. 


  1. I believe God obviously can and on occasion does intervene. Divine intervention occurs simply when God deems it necessary to prevent the free will of man to drastic complicate, delay or place in chaos his grand plan to unite mankind for a heaven on earth. As for as individuals within the scope of that plan His mercy and Grace are always available for those that seek His intervention and comfort. His promise of eternal salvation is often the answer for the very sick, but often not the answer we want. God always hears, but often does not respond to a human request. His lack of response is always for the good of that person. Someone that never asks, has no relationship with Him, He still waits for that opportunity that He might bring that soul into a relationship. God being eternal is very patient.

    1. Free will is one of His greatest gifts. Once given, it is never withdrawn. He will send angels to promote love and combat evil.

  2. God has given man auothrity over everything He has created on Earth man has the auoauthor on Earth. God act bass on asking God to do something.

  3. I had this very question this morning. I've read where God does not interfere in our lives, but yet we all pray for ourselves and others and hope God will hear our prayers and answer them. OK... now I understand with understanding this law. So much to learn, so little time. 💗